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Electric Car,Truck,Van Horn 12V
Electric Car,Truck,Van Horn 12V

Electric Car,Truck,Van Horn 12V

Super Air Horns
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Loud Electric Snail Horn

World’s best audio signalling device, electric snail horn, we "Super Air Horns" produce  both 24v electric horn and 12v electric horn, currently our product SFR-110 is considered one of the best electric horn around the world, because of its loud sound SFR-110 is loudest electric horn for truck, suitable to use with in city, avoid noise pollution.

As this is electric horn available in both 12v and 24v so SFR-110 can be installed in car, SUV, bike, lorry, public transport or any kind of vehicle with battery, this product is a loud electric car horn

Life is 100,000 times for duration of 1 second, solenoid coils with cooper windings, High value contact point

. Available both 12 or 24V
. Sound Level around 125 db
. Frequency around 450Hz
. Product weight 1800g

1 Year Money Back warranty