MSK-6800C (Motor Sound) 6 Trumpet Air Horn 8 Different Sounds


MH-6800 / 6 Trumpet Air Horn

Voltage:   12 / 24v
Sounds: 8 Different Sounds
Sound Level: 150db
Material: iron trumpets chrome coated, silver inside solenoid coils
Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow all with chrome coated trumpets
Certificate: EMARK E9
Packing: 1 Piece = 1 Box / 5 pecs = 1 Carton
Made In: Pakistan
Packing Size: 40.64 x 57.4 x 12.06 cm
Weight: 3 Kg

Delivery Details: Door delivery by DHL/FedEx, 1-day handling time
Applicable On: trucks, van, buses, omni-bus, mini-truck, pickup, trailers, tractors, Semi Truck, all kind of heavy vehicles
Note: Air compressor on board needed




MSK-6800(C) Motor sound, 6 trumpet air horn of MSK brand, made in Pakistan, work on both 12/24 Volts, plastic material is used for the base cups, silver solenoid coils are assembled for good quality, trumpets/pipes are of iron with high quality chrome coating, electric circuit is made of high potential components

6 Trumpet Air Horn is for all kind of heavy vehicles including Bus, Truck, Trailer, semi truck for all brands of heavy vehicles like Scania, Mercedes, UD, Volvo, Bedford etc. MH-6800 can be installed on small vehicles also with an external air compressor like on Jeep, Car, SUV even on bike too



Additional information

Dimensions 40.67 × 57.4 × 12.06 cm


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