About Us


Super Horn House established back in 1972 offer premium line of automotive air horns, for virtually every conceivable application. Whether you are looking for a loud Train horn, Truck Horn, Marine Horn, SUV, Car or even for your bike, you have arrived to the right place. These high quality horns are offered to you at below recommended retail price. By eliminating the middle man we are able to sell our products at low price. We aim to please our customer with fast and reliable service. All our orders are shipped with prompt attention.

At Super Horn House we understand the core of Air Horn Business, but we also bring something more to the table. IDEAS !! fresh way of solving problem that can help our client business. if your business has special needs or if you are simply searching for a better way, then talk to us … we have ideas to share. The science of auto horns, Air Horns, electric horns, Raw material.

Super Horn House aims to maximise its success by finding and processing of better resources – areas of expertise in which we have a clear competitive advantage